We acknowledge at Washwood Heath Nursery School  from the earliest stages of development babies and children are capable confident learners. It is on this foundation, working holistically in partnerships with parents / carers that School will build. We believe that to ensure the service we offer is best quality we must develop fully as a team, with shared vision and continue to challenge ourselves and each other to enhance our own development.


At Washwood Heath we strive to:

  • Ensure all the children and their families feel included, secure and valued
  • Build on the foundation laid by parents and continue to work in partnership with them
  • Provide a challenging, developmental and relevant curriculum which reflects and extends the needs and interests of the children


We work hard to provide the right conditions for learning by:

  • Providing a well planned and stimulating learning environment both indoors and outdoors emphasising the value of play as the medium through which children achieve most in the early years.
  • Valuing social and emotional development as well as intellectual achievement.
  • Supporting the development of each person’s potential as an active learner.
  • Focusing on process not just outcomes


Planning and Assessment.

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum and our planning and assessment is based on the principle that children learn most when they are interested, motivated and engaged in the learning process. Through regular observations of children’s interests planning and assessment develops to support and enhance their learning. In this way we differentiate and ensure that individuals are appropriately challenged with a balance of adult-led activities and the scaffolding to support child-initiated activities. The efforts of our children will be valued and respected at all times. We will provide positive encouragement and feedback to pupils to encourage confidence and develop self esteem. 


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