Home Learning Ideas

The Birmingham Early Years Networks (BEYN) and the Centre for Research in Early Childhood (CREC) have been commissioned by Birmingham City Council to support and amplify their important COVID-19 Public Health communications to families with children under five here


Start For Life

Visit the website of Facebook page for more information and ideas to promote language  

Ideas for Babies: Developing fine motor skills

The necessary materials are:

  • an empty cardboard box (cereal box)
  • straws or colored pens,
  • a sharp object like a scissor to make the holes.


  • Make random holes using a scissor in the empty box, use a pen to enlarge the holes.
  • Give the child the box with the pens or straws already placed in the holes.
  • They will try to remove them.  Show them that they can put the pens back in the holes.
  • Let them explore freely always on your supervision. 

Jemma, an Early Years teacher in the UAE has made these amazing wooden spoon story characters to support some well loved children's stories. Why not try and make these together with your children.

Home Learning Activities

The BBC has launched an education package across TV and online, featuring celebrities and teachers, helping to keep children learning at home and supporting parents.

BBC Bitesize can be accessed here:

The Early Literacy Trust


The Early Literacy Trust have a dedicated Family Zone area with lots of fun activities to share with young children at home.  To access click on the link below:

Easy Activities to do at home:


1.Spider’s web: Turn the hall into a spider’s web: with tape or wool… you have to go through it but without touching it!
2. Foot drawings: Are you able to write your name with your foot or draw a house? You may find you surprise yourself, but you’re guaranteed a giggle in attempting to master the pen with your toes
3. Plant a seed: Take a lentil or chickpea and plant it in some wet cotton. Watch it grow
4. Homemade Puppets: Find some old socks, sew some buttons on them as eyes, and make your own puppet show
5. Hide messages around the house: Take some post-its and hide surprise messages around the house; you’re sure to get a smile out of the person who finds them



This website has a list of 50 YouTube channels for home learning linked to different areas of the curriculum.



Oxford Owl - Register for an account and there are a range of e-books which can be read online for free.



Alistair Bryce-Clegg is collecting a variety of 'things to try at home activities'



This is Maths website which is offering free things for Nursery upwards.

You can play games with your child using the links below: