University of Sussex - Coronavirus (COVID-19): Relationships, Emotional Well-Being, and Family Adjustment Study


As part of the work the City Council are doing to capture how families are coping with COVID-19  and to plan for how they coordinate the approach as we come out of lockdown for our schools and families, the City Council want to capture a snap shot from families by completing a questionnaire on current experiences. Professor Banerjee’s research, conducted by the University of Sussex, will help us to understand how families in Birmingham and throughout the UK are responding to the impact of the COVID-19 restrictions on family life, emotional wellbeing, and social relationships. In particular, the research intends to improve understanding of the experiences of families with young children and help to identify those most in need of support during this time of change and crisis.  The research finding will also be reported to the DfE and Public Health. Professor Banerjee’s research is well established in this field and  we look forward to his expertise here in Birmingham to help shaping our response and support for our schools and families. We expect the research to provide us with some valuable insight on how we can ensure we have the right support in place.

 The link below is to the questionnaire for families to complete