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British Values

We promote British Values of Democracy, the Rule of Law, Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect and Tolerance throughout our curriculum.


  • Sharing ideas & experiences
  • Decision making and children’s ideas for planning activities
  • Voting for venue of Summer trip
  • Voting for our Rights Champions
  • Children & families become part of the Goodway Nursery School community

The Rule of Law

  • Learning routines at nursery
  • Gaining an understanding of and adhering to expectations and boundaries, which are shared with parents
  • Learning about children's rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child
  • Leadership roles for children - Leader; Helper; Eco Warrior; Rights Champion

Individual Liberty

  • Learning about our identities and cultures
  • Children have the choice to choose any activities or resources in the indoor and outdoor environments
  • Open-ended resources mean that children can shape their development through their own interests
  • Celebrating the uniqueness of all children

Mutual Respect and tolerance

  • We teach children about their rights under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and are a Rights Respecting School
  • Using a Conflict Resolution approach to managing conflict between children
  • Key group times facilitate listening to each others’ ideas and experiences
  • Learning to say 'Hello' in a variety of languages
  • Learning to take turns
  • Learning to share and play cooperatively
  • Using ‘Kind Hands’ and ‘Kind Words’
  • Understanding that all children have individual needs
  • Using positive images reflecting the cultural diversity of Great Britain
  • Using resources reflecting multicultural/ multi-faith Britain
  • Celebrating our similarities and differences
  • Celebrating special days and festivals
  • Charity & Food bank collections & involve children in sorting & delivering food donations
  • Link with international school – sending emails & cards