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Ethos & Values


United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child - Article 2 

The convention applies to everyone, whatever their race, religion or abilities, whatever they think or say, whatever type of family they come from.

We recognise that children and their families come from diverse backgrounds with different needs and values that arise from their social and economic, ethnic and cultural or religious backgrounds. We understand that there are factors that affect the well-being of children and can impact on their learning and attainment. We aim through our curriculum to provide opportunities for children to address ideas of difference and similarities in a non-judgemental manner. We use an anti-bias approach to work with children to interact comfortably with each other in our setting.



At Washwood Heath Nursery School we value linguistic and cultural diversity. The setting supports diverse language needs and opportunities in a variety of ways. We work hard at creating a setting which is rich in play, active learning, opportunities for language development and collaborative working with children and families. We also ensure that all children with English as an additional language will work towards their full potential during their time with us. We also provide opportunities for children to develop and use home language in their play and learning. This is part of the respect for each child’s cultural background that is central to our ethos.


United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child - Article 19

Governments must do all they can to ensure that children are protected from all forms of violence, abuse, neglect and bad treatment.

We actively promote the welfare of all our children and we will do all that is in our power to protect them from harm. Our policies and procedures apply to all staff, governors and volunteers working in the school and we ask parents to act responsibly in reporting any injuries or concerns which may have occurred at home.

  • We practice safe recruitment
  • We take all concerns and allegations of abuse seriously and our Governors, staff and volunteers will respond appropriately.
  • We work hard to establish a safe environment in which children can learn and develop.


We are committed to establishing and implementing procedures which ensure the health, safety and welfare of all our children and staff. Children and staff will be safeguarded both in school and on school visits and the premises will also be made safe for all by ensuring that safe working practices are adopted.

Risk assessment is part of our daily thinking. We also acknowledge the need for children to take risks in order to extend their thinking and learning opportunities. There are qualified First Aid practitioners on site and accident books located in each room. Parents are encouraged to report any concerns due to allergies, medical difficulties, behaviour or special needs.


Any problem or concern should be raised promptly with the class teacher or member of staff responsible for the area or action you are concerned about. If your concern is more serious you may prefer to make an appointment to discuss it with the head teacher.

All staff will make every effort to resolve your problem promptly at this informal stage. Most concerns and potential complaints can best be resolved through informal discussion with the head teacher or relevant member of staff. We are always keen to listen and share any concerns you may have.